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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Berbatov Transfer to Manchester United is back on!!!

It seems that a deal for Berbatov is crucially close. United and Tottenham are reported to have agreed a £25 million fee for the Bulgarian and will visit Carrington today to finalise personal terms. In one of the most drawn out transfer sagas of the summer, it seems that Tottenham have caved in to the might of United and have agreed a fee to let Berbatov go. The potential line up of attacking options that Ferguson will have at his fingertips (when they are all fit) will be simply memorising. Rooney, Tevez, Ronaldo, Nani, Anderson, Giggs, the list goes on and on and on.

It's funny that the day we are on the verge of signing Berbatov, Terry comes out and says that he believes United can't get any better. Hey Terry, go take some more penalties mate, when you get that sorted then come and chat to the Champions about winning!

Here are some links to some stories about the Berbatov transfer!
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As always I love to know what you guys think. Is he worth £35 million, will he improve us further or can our current squad win the double again?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Countdown to the start of the premiership!

So there is less than a week to go until the start of our new premiership campaign and we still haven't signed anyone. Should we be worried? Can we do it with the old boys? You bet we can. This weekend saw us take on Portsmouth in the charity shield, a rather drab affair, but one we won nonetheless. I didn't get to see the game, as I was away in Ireland on my stag do (I have a few bruises for memories sake), but I heard that Nani and Tevez were our men of the moment!!

Although there was a distinct lack of goals on Sunday, I think this has more to do with the fact that, we always start the season, a little slow, we get the wins however we can, battling away, grinding out those 1-0 victories, knowing that they will be the games that make our season. I do feel that our best asset this season will be our defence. We are difficult to break down, and pressurise in attack.

Over the weekend I heard that our man Fergie is after Henry. Personally I think that this is a ploy to try and hurry the transfer up of Berbatov. Spurs know that it is a battle that they will ultimately lose, trying to keep a player against his will, will never end up with the club coming out on top…. Where have we heard that before? Whether it's next season or this season that he moves, is the only subject for debate, again where have we heard that one before? I guess the difference between us and Spurs is that we have a lot more money and we win stuff. However ultimately that Portuguese cry baby will leave for Spain and he will kiss the badge of Madrid and that is why I can never take him to my heart like I could with players like Rooney, Tevez , Scholes and Giggs! No player is bigger than the club.. nobody.

So last post I said that I wouldn't take about Ronaldo and as I type I end up talking about him… man the guy has infuriated me! But enough of that, let's look at the season ahead. Next up we have Newcastle at home. Let me know in your comments, you first 11. remember you can have 5 subs as well.

Friday, August 08, 2008

I'm back.. I know it's been a while

Hi everyone… man it has been a long time since I posted on this blog, but thought that I would try and pick it up again. I have been really busy recently with a few projects, but it has chilled out a little bit now and I have a bit more time to do a few posts here and there. So where do I start?

Well, we only went and won the double… The team last season was nothing short of extraordinary. Ronaldo had the season of his life (more on that little twerp later), as did Scholes, Nani, Vidic, Rooney, Ferdinand and many, many others. I think what made it for me was the team spirit. At any one time you always felt as though the team were working together to strive for the success they so richly deserved. It is testament to our hero Fergie that he keeps creating teams that want it so much that they go out week in week out and give their all for the club… Well done Fergie, you truly are the greatest manager to ever have lived.

Then there was the whole Ronaldo Saga. To be honest I don't want to waste too many lines of this blog talking about him, but I will say this.. You ungrateful little sh*t. We raised you, we made you the player that you are, and then you go and disrespect your team mates and more importantly your manager, who is like a "father figure" to you (your words Ronaldo, not ours), by openly flirting with the Spanish press. Spare me your jokes about Paella and fish and chips. I hope we sell you next season, good reddens, nobody is bigger or better than Utd.

Onto transfers. It seems that the big man is happy to put his faith in the current squad and why shouldn't he? They are champions of England and Europe. I also think that Fraizer Campbell fully deserves his shot in the first team. With a couple of premiership games under his belt, I think he could be the finished article. I also like the look of our Brazillian twins, I hope to see some more of them in the Carling cup this season.

Right well that's enough from me for today. I will be back soon with some more ramblings, but till then, feel free to comment away.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

International breaks... perhaps a blessing this time?

I seem to remember me cursing the international breaks a lot last season, why should we interrupt the flow of our all conquerring United team to watch a mediocre England team eek out a 1-0 victory against a country with little over 500 people? This time last year we were sitting pretty at the top of the league and every time internationals came around, the following couple of couple of games we seemed to spend trying to find our form again.

Why is it any different this year i hear you ask? Well our strength and depth is greater now. We have cover in almost all postitions, meaning we don't need to worry so much about one of ourt key men getting injured (although I can't help it). The other more important reason, is it gives Rooney and Hargreaves time to recover from their injuries.

I know we beat Blackburn quite convincingly last week with the absense of Rooney, but it seemed as though we lacked that killer edge. ROoney is the kind of player that brings others into the game. He makes the link between midfield and attack, he draws players into an attack, relaeasing them at just the right moment. Sure we have enough firepower to cope without him, but with him we have the confidence that we wll score 4 instead odf 2.

So as we endure another week of dull internationals, let's look forward. We have a run of fairly easy games, before the big one against Liverpool. We all know how important this game is. We are at Anfield and nothing other than a win will do. We win and we put distance between us and them... we lose and they are hot on our heels. Anyone for a John O'shea last minute special?

Monday, October 29, 2007

Manchester United V Middlesbrough match highlights and review

Morning people, so that’s 4 successive games that we have scored 4 goals, who said United were struggling to score? With our sluggish start now out of the way, we now boast the best form in the league, can we maintain it? Based on Saturday's performance the signs are looking good!

Middlesbrough for all their fight simply could not contain a rampant United who have set their sights on nothing other than domination in all competitions. Yes Middlesbrough could have taken the lead after their fight back but you really get the sense that United will always score more goals than the opposition. It's a very continental style of play, often demonstrated by none other than the Brazilian's. You started to see it towards the end of last season and now that the team has gelled, we seeing it again.

The link up play between Tevez and Rooney was one of the points worth highlighting. It's hard to believe that this pair has only started 5 games together. What is more astonishing is how their understanding of each others game and movement dramatically improves every minute they are on the pitch together. Rooney's back-heal for Tevez was simply sublime, Arsenal be afraid, be very afraid.

A great comment I heard on Sky Sports news this morning that I'll leave you with "Wayne Rooney loves playing for Manchester united." Isn't it just great having players that love the club?

p.s here's the goals

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Internationals bring injuries!

Internationals say one thing to me. Injuries and boy we could do without any more of those at the moment. It's not been long since Rooney returned from yet another broken foot and I for one would hate to see him pick up another injury. Having said that I think that we are better placed to cope this season than this time last year.

Let's have a quick look at the injury list. Carrick is out with a broken elbow, John O'shea has a strained hamstring, Louis Saha has yet another knee injury, Wes Brown has a knee injury, Owen Hargreaves has tendonitis, Van Der Sar has a dodgy ankle/foot and Park, Fost and Silvestre are out for the long term. For many other squads this would represent a crisis but Fergie has built a squad with real depth and strength, our first team still looks strong.

But what if we lose Ronaldo and Rooney? We all know how the results went when these guys were out and we cannot afford for this to happen again. These two add a new dynamic to the attacking line, they provide the movement and pace that we remember so well from last year and most of all they bring a desire to win.

Rooney's desire to play as well as he possibly can was demonstrated aptly on Saturday against Estonia. It was evident that he was a player desperate for a goal and lacking a little confidence. Some players would shy away from fully committing themselves, but not Rooney. He stayed late in training and practiced in a solitary fashion, testament to his drive to reach the top of his game. Then during the match I remember him giving the ball away with a sloppy pass, he ran all of 60 yards to put in a tackle to win the ball back. I remember thinking to myself, "that is Rooney all over" and of course his efforts were rewarded with a goal.

So onto the fixtures tonight, I hope our boys perform well, but more importantly I hope that that don't get injured. For there are more important battles to be faced in the weeks to come! Roll on the Premiership.

Monday, October 15, 2007

The Man Utd blog is back, read it now!

After a long break I thought I would post again. Sorry that I have been ever so elusive over these past few months, I've been so busy with work that I've let the blog slip. I will try and update on a weekly basis from now on, more if I have the time. I have also noticed that the forum is offline.. I'll see if I can get that fixed and up and running as there was some pretty good discussions going on in there last season.

Well back onto our beloved united. After a stumbling start (our worst in 18 years or something ridiculous) we are sitting second in the table, second only to a bunch of kids from the Emirates stadium who are yet to play any of the top 4. Despite our stuttering start we find ourselves ready to pressure the gunners all the way to the end and boy am I excited about that. It seems like the clock has rolled back five years and we are about to witness yet another season of Fergie Wenger mind games as the season draws closer to its ever exciting climax.

What about the whole Mourinho affair. It seems the Russian sugar daddy had finally had enough with the "special Ones" demand for absolute power and decided to do away with one of the worlds greatest coaches. Never mind hey… at least he has Grant, the big man from Israel, who's achievements I can count on one limb, to take Chelsea to Champions league glory.

I think more of this post needs to be dedicated to United and not Chelsea. Let's look at the team. We had problems early on trying to find goals. Rooney was injured in the first game and Ronaldo decided to take out one of Portsmouth's players with a head butt, resulting in a 3 match ban. We were solid at the back, controlled much of the possession, but lacked that killer edge.

I think much of this was down to the lack of experience of playing together. We need to remember that Anderson, Tevez, Nani and Hargreaves had never played together before and it will take time for them to understand each others game. Against Wigan we saw glimpses of what this team is capable of, but I think the best is very much yet to come. What do you guys think?

One last thing that I am keen to find out is… who do you think our best player has been so far? For me it has to be Vidic, he has been solid and consistent and has even scored rescuing some vital points for us. Well that's it from me today. I look forward to reading your comments, if there is anyone left reading this blog!